"The Play of Life is an absolute ingenious way to have both individual leaders and teams truly look at what’s happening for them. Rather than getting lost in data, it enables real dialogue in the moment on how relationships are helping, or hindering, teams to reach their objectives and simultaneously provide real meaning.

 Of all the techniques and survey instruments on the market, it remains our “tool of choice” after 15 years, for helping teams be the best they can be.'"

-  Paul “Mitch” Mitchell

Leadership Coach, Author and Founder of the human enterprise

"I have found the Enneagram to be a useful tool for building better understanding of different personalities, why people react the way they do, and how to best work with each of the nine types to build more effective relationships and teams. The Enneagram provides good insights into all of the different types of behaviour seen in the workplace, and helps defuse conflict and build better appreciation of everyone’s unique strengths.

 Melanie is an excellent and credible presenter and she has a deep insight and knowledge of the Enneagram that I have found extremely useful both individually and across teams."

- Terry Stewart

Manager Strategy & Information, HealthShare NSW