Who's who among your stakeholders?

Relationship Scenario visually maps the stakeholder’s position regarding influence and alignment - the ‘buy-in’ within a team or stakeholders of a specific project. It provides key information on who would need to be influenced or persuaded in order to make a project or strategy succeed.

It’s simple, practical and powerful, it helps you to see what you can’t see or articulate even though it is right there in front of you.

You will find that Relational Scenario just makes sense.


This mapping creates a visual objective map, (or a map in 3D when combined with the 3D Simulation method - Play of Life - providing key information with which to gauge, based on data, how the stakeholders will likely behave, either individually or as a group in a given situation. Therefore it is a tool that can predict the future dynamic of a team.

This information, together with Active Role Theory and the Relationship Capital Index could provide vital relational information for the process of strategy development to explain the performance and engagement of a team.

Relationship Scenario can be created individually by any stakeholder and/or by the team as a joint exercise.

Relationship Scenario is a quick process that could have a long lasting impact on leadership as well as providing key elements for understanding what to start doing, stop doing, or keep doing and further develop.