We cannot predict if a team would be successful in a project or task but we can predict almost with certainty if it will fail

Relationship Capital Index clearly assesses the potential success a team or group could have in their endeavours. It measures:

-- The relationship between the potential effort or force needed to successfully accomplish a task

-- The relational energy present or available in a specific team to achieve the task

It measures if you have a team that 'have what it takes to achieve your goals'.


Providing and measuring objective data that an individual or team can use to deliver their mandate

Business leaders are often highly analytical and rational in financial and strategic decisions; but lack subjectivity in dealing with people because of the difficulty of measuring human behaviours and relationships. This is the purpose of the Relationship Capital Index (RCI).

The RCI often validates what most people in the team may have known but were unable to act due to a lack of information. RCI helps the team and the leader to assess the key areas at play that need to be addressed so they can have an opportunity to resolve them before the beginning of a project, to make allowances, or predict and plan for situations that would likely emerge in order to avoid surprises.

It’s like having a car checked before embarking on a long trip!