Building the capital that really counts, ‘relationships’!

Carlos and Melanie provide organisational coaching for individuals, teams and across organisations ensuring a fully supported environment to increase the motivation, relationships between team members and professional development of your people.

Clients through a personalised relationship with Carlos and Melanie feel understood, contained and assured that the steps ahead will be of positive growth.

Through individual coaching sessions with Carlos and Melanie, leaders and their team discover novel ways of seeing and naming their problems which are then transformed into a challenge and steps are created that elicit (bring out) practical solutions.

The success of the process rests in the power of cultural change involving everyone in the team positively affecting every stakeholder. This is achieved through individual coaching sessions, joint coaching sessions with different team members or team leaders where necessary and team workshops.

Business partners, employees, customers, suppliers and family members experience the change and promote it to others.

Sample Transformational Leadership Program Outline

Carlos and Melanie help large, small and family business to move through dire times. Their clients discover the light at the end of the tunnel, feel supported through dark patches and enjoy the positive results of their effort. They also learn why they got there so not to go back to shadow areas.