A miniature lifestyle kit for problem evaluation & conflict resolution - it's a consultant at your fingertips!

Play of Life®  is a 3D-simulation technology, it transfers subjective concepts and ideas into objective three-dimensional images. Play of Life® has been designed to rapidly effect positive transformational change in you, individually and for teams, groups, organisations, couples or families. The methodology is practical, elegant, respectful and engaging, and people relate to it readily.

Powerful and yet so simple that a child can do it, Play of Life® can show users:

-- where they are

-- where they'd like to be

-- and most importantly, the first step they can do to get there!

The Play of Life® has been used for self-help and professionally in the fields of Psychotherapy, Counselling, Corporate and Life Coaching, Supervision, Spiritual Direction, Supervision Relational Therapy, Teamwork, Spiritual-Religious Communities.

You can learn it for yourself or incorporate the Play of Life® as part of your professional, coaching, counselling or management Tool Box.

Of all the techniques and survey instruments on the market, Play of Life remains our “tool of choice” after 15 years, for helping teams be the best they can be.

-Paul “Mitch” Mitchell, Leadership Coach, Author and Founder of the Human Enterprise

Play of Life® produces breakthroughs in any area where success and growth rely on individual insight and interpersonal dynamics by allowing people to present issues, concerns, feelings, dreams and goals three-dimensionally. People go beyond verbal descriptions and explanations to literally ‘see’ relationships and situations clearly, bypassing the neo-cortex - where language is located - to directly connect with the limbic system; that part of the brain that deals with emotions and memory.

By linking the limbic system, people fast-forward to the crux of the matter and experience those magical ‘aha’ moments. From there they have a stronger platform from which to name unwanted behaviours and roles with objectivity, and then to visualize and simulate new behaviours without heat or pressure on themselves. This is the cornerstone of the Play of Life® methodology. Put simply, the Play of Life® makes communication easier, and makes positive behavioural transformation faster.

Play of Life® is applied extensively in the fields of leadership, Life and Corporate coaching, psychotherapy, counselling, family dispute resolution and self-analysis.

Why choose Play of Life®?

-- Easy to learn and apply, safe to use, and is transferable

-- Turns complex issues and ideas into simple visual and tactile representations

-- Assists with the appropriate assessment and diagnosis of an issue

-- Highlights and aligns individual and group goals

-- Illuminates the first step to reaching personal, family and professional objectives

-- Identifies behaviours that are impeding the achievement of desired outcomes

-- Respects people’s individual viewpoints and shows they have been understood

-- Avoids the trap of projecting, interpreting or leading a person based on assumptions or preconceived ideas



-- Gives people another way to communicate in moments of anxiety, fear or distress

-- Is appropriate for people of all ages, all cultures and from all walks of life

-- Is effective for people of impaired mental capacity, low articulation skills or relational disorders (Autism, Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD)

Play of Life® Training

Powerful courses designed to meet the needs of counsellors, mentors, coaches, health professionals, educators and people working in pastoral care

Each course incorporates 3D Simulation Play of Life® techniques and the Strategic Relationship Management Model. Play of Life® ingeniously transforms a complex issue into a simple and visual representation of the situation.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals working in corporate positions and in business.

Possible solutions can be seen more clearly enabling you to assess the performance index of any relationship to see whether it is being optimised or minimised. Learn neuro tools for fast- tracking individual, team and organisation cultural transformation.

Learn the Play of Life® for your personal use and professionally. 

Play of Life® Stats

-- 98% of clients reported they were able to clarify their issues faster using the Play of Life (PoL), than by using verbal communication alone

-- 97% of clients felt they were listened to and understood by the PoL practitioner

-- 90% of professional coaches and counsellors reported that the PoL helped them to understand their clients' key concerns faster (15-30 minutes) than they would have using verbal methods

-- 85% of professionals found PoL more efficient in identifying clients' goals and the first practical step needed to bridge the gap between their current situation and the goals specified

-- 90% of professionals found that Play of Life allowed them to communicate beyond cultural barriers

-- Every practitioner interviewed was confident that the great majority of clients would respond positively to Play of Life

-- 15% of practitioners stated some clients displayed scepticism as a first response to the PoL figures but were quickly engaged within five minutes into the technique

-- 95% of consultants found they were able to better engage with clients using PoL compared with traditional coaching methods alone. Key reasons given were: ease in obtaining information; clear, holistic understanding of what clients want; clients felt secure that their real requirements were understood


Become A Play of Life® Facilitator

Professionals can be formally accredited as Play of Life Practitioners.

The Play of Life® methodology expands the skills you already have as a professional to address:

-- Transformational leadership, and effective communication and engagement

-- Practice, team, talent, performance, and change management

-- Ethics, values, and cultural transformation, and strategic planning and conflict resolution

-- Family dispute resolution, and abuse, bullying, and grief counselling

-- Depression, addictions, fears and phobias, and other disorders

Play of Life® 4 Me

The PoL 4 Me gives you practical and immediate applications of the method and the basic theory to help:

Yourself to:

-- Have a better insight into your life, know where you are.

-- Visualise the life you’d like to live

-- The First Step towards achieving that goal.

You and others to just communicate better by:

-- Clarifying what’s happening in an difficult, stuck conversation.

-- “See” the other person’s point of view.

-- “Show, share: with the other person your point of view.

-- Get a better and quick resolution to conflict.