We feel our children’s challenges as our own, and we often stress more than them.

This results in further stress for them and us. But, it doesn’t need to be like this! 

Are we helping or burdening our children?

Free seminars with Dr. Carlos A Raimundo in association with Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School.

Thursday 21th July 2022 for FOUR weeks

Recommended Resources for Parents & Teachers


The Australian Parenting Website: Great articles and tips for all stages of life. 

Pillars of Life

The Pillars of Life is a technique that highlights the good memories we have stored away on our life journey. The technique helps us to focus on what we have, rather than on what we lack. Good memories provide a firm foundation from which to move forward. They also sustain us in difficult moments of life.

What happened?

A Youtube series by Dr. Carlos about what happens when a relationship goes pear-shaped.

Relationship Capital Book

This book is the result of many years of practice in business consultancy, psychiatry and psychotherapy. It aims to identify some issues men and women are facing, individually and in relationships in business as well as in private and
family life. The book will focus on:
◗ Business leadership
◗ Personal life management
◗ Useful skills in developing and maintaining a better style of life.

Looking at the Brain

A Youtube series by Dr. Carlos, how we respond to uncertainty & stress.

Articles by Carlos

Here you will find a list of articles that may be of interested to you. We suggest having a look at:

  • Parent – Leader
  • Colour Hearts
  • New Wine in New Skins
  • Active Roles
  • Managing the Intention and Behaviour Gap
Building Parent-Child Relationships Series – Zoom Recordings