Contestability, Friend or Foe?

Let’s make it our Best Friend. By doing More and Better with Less.

Specially designed for Government organisations or agencies.

You know:

  • If your team is not a Change Maker, they will soon be Change-Followers or out of the game.
  • You know others are wanting your "business" and everyone knows it.
  • The emerging game is to build a fast, quick, nimble organisation with real customer focus.
And any team can learn it!

Making Contestability a Friend is a One Day Program

(with pre-and post-workshop work)

Learn how to be victors not victims in the competition game.

The method is simple, efficient and transferable.

Designed to face and use complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty as a catalyst for cultural change.

Participants learn to successfully deal with the Australian Government position and commitment to contestability,

Participants can apply to be Accredited to run the same program with their teams under Licence receiving all
the necessary material and ongoing-support without the need of an external consultant, big savings! Consistent to a Contestability Strategy.

Program director

Carlos A Raimundo, practice medicine in surgery and in the psychotherapy as 'medico in psiquiatria'. He' is a practitioner of Psychodrama and trainer. He holds an M Mgm and is currently a researcher in neuroscience on How can the Play of Life enhance Emotional and Social Intelligence. Carlos has more than 35 years of experience working as a coach and trainer in organisations in Interpersonal relationships and Leadership. His work included working with families, teams, in small and large organisation. He created the Play of Life(r) method from which he received the ASGPP Innovation award in 2000.

Relationship Capital, provides further support to organisations through mentoring-coaching and programs including Leadership, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution.

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Carlos A Raimundo

Director Relationship Capital