Dr. Carlos' Research Paper:
Managing the Intention & Behaviour Gap

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The Play of Life®

The Play of Life®

Insight at your fingertips

The Play of Life® works by ingeniously transforming a problem or need from a complex issue into a simple, visual representation; allowing possible solutions to be seen more clearly.




RCompass visually maps stakeholders positions regarding influence and alignment - the ‘buy-in’ within a team or stakeholders of a specific project. It provides key information on who would need to be influenced or persuaded in order to make a project or strategy succeed.




Enneagram.rc is the combination of the traditional Enneagram, Neuroscience, Play of Life®, and Active Role Theory, the foundations of Relationship Capital.

Articles & Case Studies

Tango & Relationships

It takes two to tango!  The elegant Argentinean Tango that appears to be a highly structured, planned and choreographed performance is, surprisingly, an improvised dance with no rules, where chaos coordination is required through continuous Read more…

About the Chairs

The two chairs placed in a 45o angle represent a meeting of two people sharing intimacy and relational freedom. They are part of an original logo that had two parts, a stage and the chairs. The stage Read more…

Thriving as a Team

In this article we use the word “team” but note that this is also applicable to our personal relationships with our families, partner and friends. Please interchange the term “team” with “family” or “friends” as Read more…

Active Roles

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. We hear this phrase often and it sounds great, but how can we practically apply it to our lives? One simple Read more…

Let’s Talk

Nature and biology are great teachers from where we can learn about systems and processes and use them as metaphors for living.   We know that everything that comes into our body must go out; if Read more…

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